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FREE Emoticons and Winks!
Send your friends the most amazing
Emoticons, Winks and Animations!
Totally FREE!
HiYo is compatible with Windows Live Messenger (MSN),
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) & Yahoo! Instant Messenger.
Download HiYo - Get cool Emoticons and Winks!
No Spyware / No Adware / No Trojans / No Popups
Click here to download HiYo!
Download HiYo and get tons of FREE Emoticons, Winks & Animations!

HiYo is a free add-on for Windows Live Messenger (MSN), AIM & Yahoo! Instant Messenger that takes Instant Messaging to a whole new level of FUN! HiYo has tons of the most amazing Emoticons, Winks, SuperWinks, Animations, Nudges, Smileys and Sounds (with more being added all the time). Totally upgrade your Instant Messenger experience with HiYo!

Download free Emoticons and Winks

Now you can go wild with HiYo’s amazing SuperWinks!! SuperWinks are interactive Winks that let you completely customize the message inside the animation. Your friends are going to love getting these totally customizable Winks. Instant Messaging has never seen anything like this!! HiYo is now better than ever - Get HiYo’s Latest Version – FREE

Download free Emoticons and Winks
What do you get with HiYo?
Amazing Winks
HiYo Winks are amazing animations that literally ”shake, rattle and roll” your friends’ Conversation Window. Send a kissing Wink, a goodnight Wink, a hilarious laugh out loud Wink, a cute ‘My Little Pony’ Wink or even an insulting ‘In your face’ Wink! There’s a Wink for everyone and every conversation!
Hilarious Audibles & Animations
HiYo Audibles are animated characters that actually speak your message to your friends on IM instead of just typing it! Send a smooch to your sweetie or shout a hilarious insult to your buddy on Messenger! HiYo has tons of hilarious and fun Audibles!
Super Cool SuperWinks
HiYo SuperWinks are interactive and customizable Winks!! Be the DJ and mix your own tracks or send a birthday cake and let your buddies blow out the candles. Add a message to colorful balloons or scribble something on the belly of a dancing fat guy. Instant Messaging has never seen anything like this before!
Fun Emoticons & Smileys
HiYo’s free Emoticons and Smileys can be added to the text or message of your Instant Messages help you express what you want to say. The HiYo Messenger add-on has a HUGE collection of Emoticons and Smileys for you to choose from.
Download HiYo - Get cool Emoticons and Winks!
No Spyware / No Adware / No Trojans / No Popups
Download HiYo - Click Here!